TasteOclock Dozen - Everyday Enjoyment.

TasteOclock Dozen - Everyday Enjoyment

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When you just want a good quality red without emptying the wallet

These are the wines you reach for when it's a week night but we feel like a red wine without pulling out the expensive stuff. One of these 6 wines will be able to pair with most dishes for dinner.  You might just decide they are good enough for weekends too!

The TasteOclock Dozen consists of the following:

2 bottles      De' Vasari Organic Chianti DOCG 2019
2 bottles      Elefante 'Primero' Tempranillo 2019
2 bottles      Elephant In The Room Pinot Noir 2020
2 bottles      Little Giant Pinot Noir 2019
2 bottles      Little Giant Shiraz 2019 
2 bottles      Take it to the Grave Shiraz 2019

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