De' Varsari

Cantina dei Vini Tipici dell’ Aretino is an association of winemakers bringing together more than 400 members. Collectively, they own more than 800 hectares of vineyards under cultivation, specializing in Arezzo area of Tuscany, and the production of organically farmed grapes for the production of Chianti. De Vasari is a tribute to famous painter and architect, Giorgio Vasari, who was born in Arezzo in 1511 and responsible for the incredible Uffizi Museum and the Piazza Grande in Florence, as well as the famous ‘Logge del Vasari’ in his hometown of Arezzo.

Established in 1970 the winery began the following year his work with the vinification of 10.006 quintals of grapes delivered. Members and grapes delivered are gradually increased, the initial structures modernized and expanded to their current total capacity of over one hundred thousand hectolitres’. The average annual contribution is about sixty thousand quintals of fruit, with a focus on quality at an incredible value above all else.


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