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La Noblesse Cabernet Franc

La Noblesse Cabernet Franc

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About this wine

Cabernet Franc is a Loire Valley OG (along with Gamay), and usually brings zing and vivacity to blends (especially in Bordeaux). Ours is darkly delightful—bright, vibrant, and richly scented with red ripe berries and a whisper of green pepper. The palate is fresh and fruity with soft tannins that provide shape and sophistication—voilà, perfect for barbecued lamb!

More details

Vintage: 2021
Bottle size: 750 mL
Varietal: Cabernet Franc
Region: Loire Valley | France

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Food pairing

Pork, Red Meat, Cured Meat, Poultry, Pungent Cheese, Soft Cheese & Cream, Hard Cheese, Tomato, and Mushroom

Producer: La Noblesse

La Noblesse (the noble ones) is a homage to the legacy of the nobility in France and what could be more regal than the Loire? Famed for its opulent châteaux, it was literally the seat of kings as the French nobility employed the finest architects to create a renaissance wonderland. The Loire remains one of France’s most diverse and exciting regions for wine and captivates with its terroir-driven wines. The range includes a soft Pinot, an earthy Gamay and a structured yet juicy Cabernet Franc.

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