Umenoyado Cool Aragoshi Cool Yuzushu

Umenoyado Cool Aragoshi Cool Yuzushu

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Region: Nara, Japan
Type: Sake
Size: 720ml

Limited Edition perfect for Summer!

Made by a brewery that has been dedicated to creating high- quality Saké since 1893, Umenoyado Aragoshi Cool Yuzu is a luxurious and unpasteurised Yuzu Saké that is the result of a carefully curated blend of handcrafted Umenoyado Saké and natural Yuzu juice.

Soft and smooth on the palate, this limited edition Cool Yuzu Fruit Liqueur is best enjoyed chilled or on the rocks. The slightly sweet overtone is nicely contrasted by a refreshing tanginess and acidity, melded with a flavour unique to Yuzu.

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