About Us

How it all started

Wine is about taking a journey of discovery with every bottle you open.  At Vinoclock, we want to share our wine experiences so everyone can enjoy the pleasures we get from the wines we drink.

Vinoclock came about like all good ideas - over a drink (ok, maybe over many drinks) between some friends who share a love of wine and the occasional spirit.  As wine enthusiasts with combined 100+ years experience working in the liquor industry, we have seen too many people buying very nice but overpriced wines that we know they can get better quality for their money.  We also talked to too many people who wants to try wines from different parts of the world but have no one they can turn to for sage advice.  So rather than accept the status quo we have decided to do something about this.

Over more glasses (or carton) of wine, the idea of Vinoclock was conceived because there is nothing out there that meet our needs.  So as you do, we took matters into our own hands to create something for like minded enthusiasts and share what we are enjoying with our other friends, from $15 to $2,000 a bottle!  A few months later, Vinoclock became reality!

Vinoclock is like the friend who is tasked with bringing the right wines, beers and spirits for vino o’clock.

While we have access to many top rated wineries, breweries and distillery in Australia and around the world, we are equally excited with the hundreds of lesser known but equally good producers we found.

So no matter what day or time it is, if the occasion calls for a vino or two, it is designated Vinoclock.  We look forward to sharing some amazing wines, beers and spirits with you soon.

Stuart - Chief Wine Taster

How Vinoclock Works

A community of enthusiasts

At Vinoclock, we love wines, beers and spirits and are passionate about it.  Drinking alone is never as much fun so we want to share our experiences with other enthusiasts.

More importantly we are keen to hear your experiences, for that is how we all can discover new things that may become our new favourites!


Personalised recommendation

Everyone has their likes and dislikes.  At Vinoclock, we didn't spend lots of money building software to spit out random recommendations in seconds for you.  We prefer to talk to you about it like we do with our friends!  So please send us a message via the chat on the website because we will respond!  Sometimes it might take a little longer but we know it will be worth the wait.


Buy by the case for best value

Let's not beat around the bush, buying by the case gives the best value.  At Vinoclock, we dispatch our wines in case lots of 6 bottles.  However, we are not confined by business rules so if you really want to try a few wines, take to us and we will do what we can to accommodate you!


Pay only when you buy

Vinoclock is not a subscription service. Instead we offer you interesting wines, beers and spirits of great quality and value that we would be proud to (and usually do) serve our family and friends at home.  Our aim is to share with you what excites us and we hope you like them too.