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Umenoyado Aragoshi Ringo Shu (Fiji Apple)

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JapanUmenoyadoLiqueur • Umeshu

What food to pair this wine with?

Teriyaki • Mediterranean Cuisine • Pork

Tasting notes

Size: 720ml;  Alcohol: 7%
Serve: On the rocksAs cocktail mixerDessert umeshu

An umeshu type premium liqueur which utilizes fresh Japanese Fuji apple puree instead of the ume plum, for a sweeter more refreshing saké.

This Ringo-Shu, has been made using the same processes as the famous umeshu produced by Umenoyado. This variant however, has replaced the ume plum with Japanese Fuji apples, giving the saké a sweeter and more nectar-like aroma. The rich flavour and mellow textures make it ideal to be enjoyed by itself over ice, or as a cocktail.