Organic taste and quality!

Organic taste and quality!

Farm Hand Organic Wines

Organic wine generally refers to viticulture ensuring no pesticides or herbicides are sprayed on the vines or the soil.  In the vineyard and the winery, chemicals are replaced by labour and natural environment.  An organic farmer works with nature to ensure the best quality of fruit that will be made into wine.

Organic wines can taste just as good if not better than traditional wines because in both the vineyard and the winery, chemical is replaced by labour and the natural environment.  Organic grapes tend to have lower yields, which gives a better grape with more concentrated flavour and thus, a better wine.

Organic winemakers are unable to use the full range of materials available for conventional winemaking, so the quality of the grapes is vitally important to the quality of the wine produced.

Until recently, I have not actively seek out organic wines in my own purchases, but when I opened a sample of the Farm Hand One of a Kind Shiraz, I was blown away by how good it tasted.  I've had many bottles of top shiraz from McLaren Vale but this little gem was smooth velvety rich style the region is famous for with nice grip and firm tannins.  It was a memorable experience and I would happily recommend it to anyone.

At Vinoclock, we have a range of organic, vegan friendly, biodynamic, and preservative free wines that are excellent in quality and taste.

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