Spotlight on New Zealand

Spotlight on New Zealand

Although New Zealand (NZ) produces only 1% of the world's wine, it enjoys a stellar reputation worldwide.  It is a cool climate region famous for its intensely flavoured Sauvignon Blanc, mostly from the Marlborough region. However, NZ has much more to offer us in varieties and styles.

There are ten main wine growing regions in NZ extending 1,600 km from latitude 36° South in the subtropical north to latitude 46° in the mountainous south.  The result is dramatic regional diversity, enabling a striking array of wine varieties and styles to flourish.  The four better known producing vineyard areas in NZ are Marlborough, Hawke’s Bay and Central Otago and Wairarapa.

About Marlborough region

The Marlborough region at the top of the South Island accounts for 75% of total wine production in NZ and almost 90% of the Sauvignon Blanc production in NZ.  Other wine varieties from this region includes Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay.

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About Hawke’s Bay Region

The second largest wine region in NZ is Hawke’s Bay in the North Island. Its climate is similar to areas between Burgundy and Bordeaux in France so not surprisingly it is best known for its Red Blends and Chardonnay.  Aromatic whites from Hawke’s Bay are consistently good and Shiraz (Syrah) is incredibly impressive.

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About Central Otago Region

Near the bottom of the South Island is Central Otago which is home to some of the most spectacular landscape anywhere in the world. The Pinot Noir likewise ranks amongst the world'd best, not to mention impressive, vivid white wines.  Central Otago is the world’s southernmost wine region, wild, sophisticated, nature and culture in harmony.

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About Wairarapa (Martinborough) Region

In Maori, Wairarapa means “glistening waters” and is a compact but diverse region of boutique producers offering high quality examples of a wide range of wines.  Martinborough is one of three main subregions.  A picturesque colonial village focussed on wine, surrounded by vineyards tended by small, frequently family-owned producers and with a climate and soil profile similar to Burgundy, it’s no wonder Martinborough has excited the wine world. Acclaimed Pinot Noir, vivid Sauvignon Blanc, poised Aromatics and elegant Syrah are all produced in this pocket region.  

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